Easy Ways to Put on Compression Stockings

Compression therapy is a very common type of treatment used to treat various conditions. Some of the most common are:

  • chronic venous disease
  • varicose veins
  • aftercare following surgery
  • venous issues during pregnancy.
  • Chronic venous insufficiency
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Post-thrombotic syndrome
  • Severe edema
  • Venous ulcer
  • Lymphedema
  • Orthostatic hypotension

Compression therapy is most commonly used on the forearms, hands, legs, and feet. Our medical supply stores in Minnesota get a majority of compression equipment requests for the legs and feet so we’ve become experts in socks and stockings used to treat these difficult conditions. Although compression therapy is a common type of treatment, it is often failed or unsuccessful due to the difficulty in putting on the stockings. Loss of hand strength, arthritis, inability to bend over and other dexterity issues contribute to the difficulty in putting the stockings on. The actual compression of the stocking is another reason. For example, graduated compression hosiery has the tightest part of the stocking at the ankle. This makes it difficult to get the stocking over your heel while putting them on.

Liberty Oxygen and Medical Equipment carries several types of compression stockings and has certified fitters at all of our eight Twin Cities locations. Our fitters will assist you in selecting your stockings, donning, proper compression, style, fabric and color. Our certified fitters are very knowledgeable in compression therapy and the compression equipment commonly used. They will also give you pointers and demonstrate ways to put your compression stockings on.DMI Sock Aid

The most popular compression stocking we sell are Medi stockings as their special processing and silicone blend softener make these stockings easy to put on and their wide range of sizes offer more of a custom fit. Resilient yarns allow for greater durability and reciprocated heel and toe provide a better fit and durability. The smooth design and soft texture provides a softer, more fashionable look with the ultimate in year-round coverage. Another popular line of stockings we carry is Jobst. The Jobst soSoft knee-high socks offer gradient compression while being soSoft and soEasy to put on. Our Sensifoot line is known as “The Complete Diabetic Sock” given its mild compression yet comfortable fit. The Medi and Jobst lines are graduated compression hosiery and designed specifically for people who are mobile. The hosiery provides more compressive pressure at the lower end of the garment and gradually decreases toward the upper end of the garment. The stockings can be worn approximately 4-6 months before they should be replaced. Both brands are available in Knee High, Thigh High and Pantyhose styles. Other varieties such as the athletic sock have become quite popular given their similarity to regular sport socks. We also carry anti-embolism (TED) stockings. TED compression stockings are used in hospitals for non-mobile patients. Doctors prescribe them for patients who are confined to a bed and at risk for blood clot formation. TED stockings are made from white fabric and have an inspection opening just above the toes. Unlike the Jobst or Medi brand stockings, TED compression is not graduated but instead, is the same level of compression throughout the length of the garment. A simple way to know which type of stocking and compression is needed is to remember TEDs are for BED.

There are several ways to put on your compression stockings; here are some helpful hints to make putting them on a little easier:Jobst Donning Gloves

  • Turn the sock inside out and, starting at your toes, inch them up your leg
  • Use rubber gloves to obtain a better grip
  • Use a ridge sock aid
  • Use a stocking donner
  • Put your stockings on first thing in the morning before your legs begin to swell
  • Make sure your legs are dry
  • Do not apply lotion on your legs before putting your stockings on – if you use lotion, you should apply it at bedtime

Stocking DonnerThe easiest method we have found to put on compression stockings is to use a stocking donner. A donner is a metal frame device that has two handles and an inner half tube to hold the stocking. The word ‘donner’ comes from the word don, which means “to put on.” Medi & Jobst both offer an easy to use stocking donner and you can find them at all eight Liberty Oxygen and Medical Equipment locations. There are other manufacturers of donners, but we like the coated metal (helps avoid snags to the stockings) and the padded handles. The following is a step by step guide to use the donner to put on support stockings. how_to_put_on_compression_stockings


Watch this video showing how to use a Jobst compression stocking donner:


If you wear compression stockings and are having difficulty finding the correct support or could use some tips of easy ways to put on your compression stockings, stop in at one of our eight Twin Cities Liberty Oxygen and Medical Equipment locations and our certified fitters will be happy to assist you or give a demonstration.

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