Medical Equipment Options: Power Mobility Scooter and Lift Chair

At Liberty Oxygen and Medical Equipment in Minnesota, we understand there are many different types of medical equipment options available and want to make sure our customers know which type of equipment is best for their particular needs. In this article, we will focus on the power mobility scooter and the lift chair detailing when a person may need this type of equipment, benefits to using one, and provide video resources.

A person who suffers from muscular degeneration, COPD, shortness of breath, weakness, tremors, or has difficulty with balance, or dizziness may be an ideal candidate for the assistance of a power mobility scooter. This person typically cannot complete activities in their daily living, such as dressing, toileting, ambulating or eating without assistance, but must be capable of operating a power vehicle in their home. When assisting a customer with the selection of a power mobility scooter, we take into consideration factors such as:

  • Minnesota winter months
  • Portability
  • Indoor maneuverability
  • Versatility, indoors and outdoors
  • Outdoor capabilities, including performance and speed
  • Weight capacity

maxi comfort lift chairAnother commonly used type of medical equipment is a lift chair. The professionals at Liberty Oxygen and Medical Equipment take pride in ensuring our customers purchase a lift chair that fits his or her needs. Some important considerations and questions help us determine the best chair possible, such as:

  • Customer’s size – the chair needs to properly fit a person’s height, weight, and shape.
  • How the chair will be used – although a lift chair is not intended to be used as a bed, many people find it necessary to sleep in the chair for long periods of time.
  • Physical conditions the person has – a customer with dementia will need a simple controller with few buttons.

Learn more about why you should purchase a lift chair from Liberty Oxygen and Medical Equipment instead of a furniture store by reading this article. It is also important to know what will be covered by insurance and what will not. At Liberty Oxygen, we are contracted to accept most insurances. Any of our Customer Care Specialists at all eight retail locations can help a customer determine if we take a particular insurance type and explain what it takes to get something covered. It can be a very confusing process, so don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Take a moment to read How to Buy a Lift Chair, which includes a video with Retail Sales Manager, Kristin Porrez demonstrating how to properly use and explaining why purchasing a power lift chair from a medical equipment store is the way to go:

Living independently is important to many Minnesota seniors and being able to make minor repairs to keep their CPAP and medical equipment in tip top shape is crucial. We offer other resourceful videos, such as How to Clean Your CPAP Mask and Equipment and Tips for Using Your Walker for your reference and to help you live more independently.

Liberty Oxygen and Medical Equipment is the premier home medical equipment provider serving Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding Twin Cities suburbs with quality equipment and outstanding customer service. We enable you to stay safe and live independently in your home by offering a comprehensive array of home medical equipment and oxygen, including CPAP masks, machines and supplies.

Your health and well-being is too important to trust to just anyone. Let the caring professionals at Liberty Oxygen and Medical Equipment assist you with the home medical equipment and other healthcare and oxygen supplies you need. Stop in any of our eight Minneapolis and St. Paul metro locations or contact us today with questions, concerns or comments.

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