Tips for Using Your Walker

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Living independently is important to many Minnesota seniors and being able to make minor repairs to keep their medical equipment in tip top shape is crucial. We offer other resourceful videos, such as How to Buy a Lift Chair, and How to Clean Your CPAP Mask and Equipment for your reference and to help you to live more independently.

Watch this video and learn from our longtime employee, Dimitri, as he offers tips for proper and safe use of a walker (also referred to as a rollator), as well as how to make minor brake adjustments and tighten the brake cable when necessary.


3 Tips for Keeping Your Walker Safe and Working Properly:

How to Adjust the Handle Bars:  In this video, Dimitri tells us why it’s important to use a rollator properly. Avoid straining your shoulders and back by making sure the handle bars are at the correct height and learn how to make this minor adjustment at home.

How to Make Brake Adjustments:  When you apply the brakes on your rollator, the wheels should lock in place with no movement at all. If your walker continues to move even with the brakes on, learn step-by-step how to make minor brake adjustments to ensure safe use.

How to Tighten the Brake Cable:  With daily use of the rollator, the brake cables tend to strain and stretch out, which causes the cable to become loose and this affects the ability to adjust the brakes. Learn how to tighten up the slack on the brake line to ensure they are working properly.

To ensure your rollator is not the most boring one in the room, Liberty Oxygen and Medical Equipment offers some fun ways to jazz it up a bit. Find quick, easy ways to trick out your medical equipment and ensure your walker stands out from the rest! We also offer many accessory pieces to help you transport items safely while maintaining the functionality to continue managing daily chores or errands independently.

We hope you find this video and the step by step instructions from Dimitri helpful. Liberty Oxygen and Medical Equipment serves the Twin Cities from eight convenient locations. Your health and well-being is too important to trust to just anyone. Let the caring professionals at Liberty Oxygen and Medical Equipment assist you with the home medical equipment and other healthcare and oxygen supplies you need. Stop in any of our eight Minneapolis and St. Paul metro locations or contact us today with questions, concerns or comments.

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